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7th June 1987 (Gemini)

Born and bred in Singapore. Started living in Japan at the age of 20.

Hobbies: Language learning, traveling, intercultural exchanges

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During my 4 years of university in Japan, I traveled to the 47 prefectures and saw the less seen beautiful side of Japan. Having seen the various facets of Japan, its seasonal charms, the exquisite allure of its traditional culture that epitomizes the Japanese spirit, and the uniquely Japaneseness of its people. Japan has not had as many tourists in its country as it has aimed for, and I see this as a potential. I hope to bring out this less-known side of Japan to mesmerize the rest of the world as I have been, by this mysteriously charming country.

I self-published a book recently, written in both English and Japanese, about my experiences in Japan and the less-seen side of Japan I’ve seen through my various experiences traveling around, studying and working in Japan. The title is called “Japan From Inside: Travels and Findings of a Local Foreigner”. Please feel free to purchase it via the link below.

Click here to know more about the book.

To Purchase Online:


2012年 School of International Liberal Studies (SILS), Waseda University

2016年 Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo (Masters of Arts and Science) (Thesis: The Importance of Social Capital Between NGOs and Asian Communities in Disaster Preparedness- A Comparative Case Study of Aceh, Bohol and Ishinomaki)

Freelance Translator, Interpreter

  • Interpreter for DOOR to ASIA 2016 program
  • Interpreter for Mr. Mohammad Saidur Rahman, Bangladesh Government Delegate at 3rd United Nations World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Interpreter for guests from Rwanda, Afghanistan etc. for study trip of Ishinomaki
  • Interpreter for interview between British Financial Magazine and CEO of Japanese Regional Bank
  • Interpreter for CANGO’s (The China Association of NGO Cooperation) Visit to Japan
  • Translator for aeru Company
  • Interpreter for Senior Minister of Commerce of Cambodia, Mr. Chanthol Sun
  • Translator for NHN Entertainment Singapore

Other Activities:

TV Appearances:

  • 2015/1/5 Matsuko & Ariyoshi no Ikarishinto
  • 2014/11/25 Amazing Japan
  • 2014/11/18 Amazing Japan
  • 2014/11/11 Amazing Japan
  • 2014/5/9 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2013/6/14 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2013/5/31 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2013/4/26 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2012/11/16 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2012/2/20/ Sekai Maru-mie
  • 2012/1/10 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2011/12/6 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2011/11/1 Sekaibanzuke
  • 2010/10 Asian Crossroads・Calendar of Asia
  • 2009/10/11 Generation Y
  • 2009/5/10 Generation Y
  • 2009/3/14     Generation Y

6 thoughts on “My Profile”

  1. Leonardo said:

    Hello depyon! Just look at how many languages you can speak O.o It’s my first time knowing someone who could actually speak that many languages and it’s my first time to actually realise how awesome it is to see a blog with many languages! I only know English here! 😀

    Anyway, it’s very understandable that you’ve forgotten me, perhaps, but I’m going to introduce myself, I am Leonardo, and I knew you from the YUI-lover forum, in which I go by the username ‘lonelyshinobi’.

    Well my purpose to write here is actually to ask you about your experience in your studies in Japan, from Singapore. I just graduated from secondary school in Singapore and I’m studying in Junior College, and am planning to study in Japan for university. Is it okay if I ask you questions? Also, please let me know if you want to have this chat somewhere else– I can give you my msn or my email address. I don’t want to fill your blog comments with irrelevant matter, personally. hehe.

    I just want to give myself a clearer picture about what I should prepare. Today was my first year in JC and I’m kinda freaked out. I hope you could help me a little! Thank you for reading this, I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    P.S. Please excuse my English. After reading your posts, I just know that your English is levels and levels above mine, thank you! 🙂


    • Hi Leonardo! I do remember your username “lonelyshinobi” from YUI-lover forum. First of all, thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment! There are actually many people in the world who are much more linguistically talented than I am. If you search through youtube, you will be astounded by how these people master languages like drinking water.
      Sure! It will be my pleasure to be of any help or to give you any advice about studying in Japan =)
      Don’t worry too much about the stress and workload in JC. Just do your part and try your best. Everything will turn out fine.
      Lastly, don’t worry about your English too! Like I wrote in this self-introduction, I used to be really bad at English, in secondary school and in JC. I believe languages are for communication, not for comparison nor for tests, so the most important thing is to be understood, and you have done so perfectly!


  2. Hi! Ryanne here. I am impressed that you are multilingual. I tried to do a self-study on the Japanese language too, but I stopped for a while to do a self-study on Korean language. It is easy to write Hanguel, but verb conjugation is a pain. I hope to get back to study Nihongo in the future. ^_^


  3. dr3am3rz said:

    Hi Dennis, I’m Jeffrey here. I have always wanted to work in Japan but have no idea about how to go on about doing it. I wonder if you have any advice for someone like me.

    You can drop me an email at :

    Hope to hear from you soon! =)


    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thank your for your comment.
      May I know a little more about your background? (educational background, Japanese proficiency, where you live now)



  4. Hi Dennis,

    Like you, I am a Singaporean living here in Japan and have just gotten my Japanese PR after being here for a good 10 years.

    Do you have a facebook account, would like to ask you some stuffs.



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