I met Ito-san 3 years ago during a university event where I spoke about Project YUME, a project I did after the Japan disaster. 3 years on, we met again for the same purpose, together with the director of a NPO helping out at Tohoku, and an American who works for the Japan America Academic Centre. The common thing among all of us is the fact that we are all doing what we can to help with the economic revitalization of Tohoku, in our respective ways.


The female director of the NPO called OGA is actually a mix of Colombia and American, but grew up in Japan. Her NPO was established right after the disaster to help out with clearing debris in the earlier stages, and now helping to revitalize the economy mainly in Minami-sanriku and Kesennuma areas. She entered the affected areas 5 days after the tsunami and earthquake, and by the first few weeks they have kick-started their aid projects.


The American is a mix of Malaysian and Ivory Coast and is a graduate of Harvard university. He did some project on the revitalization of economy of Tohoku while he did a home stay at Morioka.



Marusa Bar is actually only opened once a month, by Sato-san, whose parents were from Tohoku. He actually gets fresh vegetables, octopus and scallops sent from Tohoku, and uses them to cook the dishes of the restaurant. A truly interesting idea to directly contribute to the economy of the local industries.


I will be going to Tohoku frequently from April onwards. Really hope to do something meaningful and contribute to the economy revitalization of Tohoku.