Found this really interesting article on the Japanese trip advisor page. Not sure how accurate it is, but interesting to see the comparison.

tg_003_taxi_zoom2How far can you go in a taxi in the world’s main cities with 1000 yen?

Less than 3km: Amsterdam, Tokyo

3 ~ 4km: Berlin, Roma

4 ~ 5km: Stockholm, Toronto, Sydney, London

5 ~ 6km: Cairo, Madrid

6 ~ 7km: Prague

7 ~ 8km: Hawaii, Paris

8 ~ 9km: New York

9 ~ 10km: Moscow

More than 10km:

Istanbul: 13km

Taipei: 16km

Seoul: 18km

Singapore: 25km

Peking: 35km

Manila: 43km

Ho Chi Minh City: 45km

Mexico City: 46km

Bangkok: 53km

Dehli: 86km