I met up with the Ninja Girls, winners of the Singapore Blog Award 2013! They are a group of 4 Japanese girls- Sakura, Ran, Tsubaki, Yuri, residing and working in Japan. They came to Singapore separately, the earliest being Sakura who’s been living in Singapore for 4 years already.

They share a blog and Youtube Channel, called Ninja Girls, where they depict their interesting experiences, encounters and stories in Singapore, such as the Chingay Parade, their visits to Kallang/ Geylang, or their trip to neighbouring country Cambodia etc.

I have heard about them and seen their blog/ Youtube videos, and thought it would be interesting to meet up with them. I sent them a message and got a friendly positive reply!

I must say they have more or less settled down in Singapore and living the local life, as we spoke about their culture shocks and my “reverse culture shocks” about Singapore. We all agreed that service industries in Singapore and Japan are two different worlds. Depending on whether you prefer the uncle yelling at you at the hawker centre or the lady greeting you in a robotic manner without looking at you in the eyes in the convenience store, both services can be seen in the positive or negative light.

My favourite story from them was that of taxi drivers in Singapore and Japan. In Japan, if the taxi driver cannot find or figure out your destination, he will be struggling to find it in a map, or on the GPS, without saying a word, leaving you frustrated and wondering why he is taking so long to start moving. On the other hand, if the Singaporean taxi driver does not know where you want to go, he will reprimand you for not giving more detailed descriptions. Apparently the taxi driver told her, “Why you give me address? You drive on road where got address one? Give me some landmarks lah!”

I hope the Ninja Girls will continue keeping up with their entertaining blog and youtube posts, and more importantly, continuing providing Singaporeans with the Japanese perspective of our country!