Golden BomberGolden Bomber is a visual rock band created in 2004 by Sho Kiryuin (鬼龍院翔)the vocalist (or Vo-karu, as he  claims to be) and Yutaka Kyan(喜屋武豊)the guitarist. The band now consists of two other members: Jun Utahiroba(歌広場淳)the bassist and Kenji Darvish(樽美酒研二)the drummer.

The most queer thing about this band is that it is actually an air band. This means that apart from the vocalist Kirisho (his nickname), the other members do not actually play the instruments. They call it a “performance”, of which their main aim is to create entertainment.

Golden Bomber made the breakthrough in 2011 with its most popular hit song “meme-shikute”(女々しくて)which means “effeminate” or “feminine”, an ironic name for a visual rock band. The youtube video for its PV actually exceeded 25 million views.

Now there is this inquisitive smell of mystery lingering about this band, as many would wonder the origins and reasons for the creation of this band. They appeared on a popular variety show, Kin-suma(金スマ)recently and spoke about their unexpectedly touching origins.

The team leader and vocalist, Kiri-sho, used to work at a CD/DVD rental shop as a part-timer during his indies days. One day, a girl came into the store and passed him a note saying, “Sorry I am deaf, but I would like to rent a DVD. Could you hep me?” Kiri-sho helped her accordingly with the rental and thereafter she came to the store regularly.

Slowly he started to fall in love with this deaf girl. They eventually started dating but he felt perplexed by the fact that he could not effectively tell her about the music he made, let alone entertain her with music. Yet the girl would still go to karaoke with him, even though she could not hear a single sound.

Kiri-sho had a conflict deep inside him and came out with a conclusion: he wants to entertain the audience, not just with his music, but also visual performances, so that even the deaf like his girlfriend could enjoy it.

The result was Golden Bomber, a visual rock air band, that does performances to entertain all types of audiences.