As we grow up, and go through the all the phases in life, we see a trend in how health affects our lives.

When we are small kids, our parents encourage us to eat more fruits and vegetables.

As we become teenagers, we are told to exercise and keep fit.

When we reach the legal age to drink, we tend to drink a little too much than we need, and some even smoke or resort to drugs to relieve stress.

When we start working, we find ourselves sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day, not moving an inch, till we find our backs creaking every time we bend over to pick something.

As we grow old (I am not there yet, thankfully), we probably have other benchmarks to measure how healthy we are.

No matter which phase of life you are at, health is always one thing that keeps lingering around your mind. Needless to say, being healthy is one of the most important things in life.

At a health checkup at a local hospital in Japan, my friend found the most ridiculous way of checking how healthy you are. It is something that everyone goes through, and something that everyone has seen before, but no one really mentions it because… it is not very appropriate?



Every time you finish taking a dump, turn back and observe what you just released. Take note of its colour, its shade, its shape and state. This table helps you to analyze how healthy you are.

From the top to bottom, it categorizes the state of it:

korokoro (small hard bits), kachikachi (medium sized hard bits), banana (as in the fruit), han-neri (in a dough-like state), dorodoro (muddy-like) and lastly, in liquid form.

From left to right, it describes the shade and colour of it.

The red rectangle in the middle points out where you should be aiming for.

So remember, next time you take a poop, do not forget to turn back and do a simple health checkup!