Three and half months have passed since Project YUME started. Thanks to Professor Baba, the school principals, teachers, friends and even strangers whom we met through this journey, we have managed to collect close to 500 well-wishing drawings and messages from children in 9 schools in Japan, Taiwan and Costa Rica.

The second phase has just begun. With the drawings in hand, the experience and lessons learnt in heart, and the simple prayer that everyone will be fine in mind, we are heading to two schools, in Iwate and Fukushima Prefecture in a few hours time. I have no idea how things are going to turn out, as this would be the first step of Project YUME into the affected areas, but I do hope that these little drawings would bring a glimpse of hope to the children we meet.

I have the huge responsibility of carefully selecting my words, as I speak, and as I translate for Peter Draw, to the affected victims. I hope I will be able to inspire courage in the children in the simplest of forms. Iwate and Fukushima, here I come.