1. Waseda International Festival (9th June, Thursday)

A circle that I have been actively involved in for the past three years of my college life. What I have learnt is not merely dances from various countries. It is the people whom I have met that have helped me grown up. Removing stereotypical assumptions and thoughts, understanding foreign cultures, appreciating the cultural differences and learning how to approach them. WIF is not just a social circle, it represents a miniature of the world. Learning the diverse backgrounds of each and every person widens our perspective of the world- we are no longer restricted by geographical nor linguistic boundaries. In a way, being in the circle slowly morphs me into a global citizen. We lose some part of our original identity in exchange for a part of the other cultures. In a way, we become increasingly similar in the way that we become more “different” and “diverse”.

The theme for this year’s performance is “Mystery”. “Fear of the unknown” is an obsolete concept. “Curiosity kills the cat” has become an out-dated idiom too. In this globalized world, we become increasingly curious of the unknown, and oblivion and indifference to the world kills the joy in life. Come watch our performance on 9th June, immerse yourselves in an international atmosphere enjoying 9 dances from 8 different countries and satisfy your crave of the “unknown” out there.

2. KHylin’s Live Concert (5th June, Sunday) and Release of Indies Album (3rd June, Friday)

As I fill up my diary with activities of Project YUME, a project created by me and Peter Draw to inspire hopes and dreams in the forlorn children affected by the Japan disaster, it sometimes dawns upon me that I myself am struggling to see a tangible dream of my own. How many of us actually do have clear images of our dreams in our minds? How many of us are merely dressing up in smart suits and ties so as to look like the person next to us? It is my fortune to have a special friend who stands out from the rest. She has a dream, and has never decelerated in her sprint towards it. When there is someone like that beside you, do you not just feel obliged to lend a hand?

More information can be found on her homepage: http://www.khylin.info

3. Lei for the Earth @ Mahika Mano (22nd June, Wednesday)

Mahika Mano is a chic hammock cafe in the quiet streets of Kichijoji. As suggested by its name, all the seats in the cafe are hammocks- pieces of cloth hung onto poles/ the ceiling. I happen to know the owner of the cafe and was approached by her one day to exhibit something for Project YUME in their upcoming charity event in June. There will be other exhibits and events (including performances by KHylin) too. For more information, please check out its website: http://mahikamano.com/lei-for-the-earth%E3%80%80%E3%80%8006-22-2011/2011/05/12/

4. 7th June 1987

Just a random interesting fact. The number of days between 1987/6/7 and 2011/6/7 (including both end dates) is 8767, which coincides with the date I was born.