The sky just seems gloomier everyday.

Trains are moving at half the frequencies in order to save electricity. Everyone is rushing to the supermarkets to grab torches and batteries, food products, water and other emergency items. Gasoline is running out; many petrol stands are now closed, leading to long queues at the few functioning petrol stands. Also, in order to prevent a major power failure, the cities are now have scheduled power failures on a rotation system. I went to Shibuya with a few friends yesterday, and I was stunned to see how gloomy Shibuya was. It was the darkest Shibuya I have ever seen. All the flashy and flamboyant signboards are switched off, and the number of people on the streets are reduced to like 20% of what would be expected on a normal day. Many shops are closed due to the lack of food products, or the delay in the delivery. This morning, I woke up to the shocking news of the explosion of another chamber of the nuclear plant. Investigations are still going on, but let’s hope nothing big is going to happen!

Nevertheless, life goes on. People are still going for work, out on the streets to buy things. What else can we do but to resume our lives as much as possible?

I have called the Singapore Embassy and Japanese Red Cross to offer my services but it seems that the situations over at the affected regions are still too unstabilized and chaotic to allow volunteers to join in. I was told that they could hardly even contact the rescue teams over there. What else can we do now but to wait?

Once the situation at the affected regions is stabilized, it’s time for people like us to join in the efforts. I just hope they can establish communication with the rescue teams as soon as possible and secure a place for volunteers to settle down and help out.

We are all waiting eagerly to help. Please hurry!