Musicians- the austere commanders of the brigades and battalions of air particles, orchestrating their synchronized movements in draconian style, glancing sternly in indifference at the particles colliding heads-on at lightning speed, and with a twitch of the finger or block in the throat, the subservient air particles freeze in mid-air and watch the lingering vibrations deccelerate into a still stop.

A stroke on the electric guitar, a thud on the drums and a tap on the keyboard. Each movement sets off a string of vibrations that induces the same effect to its surroundings in resonance. In synchrony, these vibrations fabricate a harmonious melody; otherwise, they culminate into a bloody clash of wars, breeding into a squeak painful to the ear. The musician commands his soldiers of air particles at ease in nonchalance, yet to the outsider, it seems as if every twitch is carefully measured to perfection.

What the musician does is not the mere creation of vibrations to produce melodies, but also the ressurecction of the subconscious memory and the ignition of the wild imagination. When these brigades of soldiers charge into the enemy territory, the ear, they upheavel and ransack the nerves and veins. The past, the present and the future conglomerate as one, as the brain turns topsy-turvy. Past memories surface in front of our eyes, the present blurred, while the future eager to burst from the back of our minds. The trapped and enslaved memories are freed, as they run amok in the brain. Reminiscence occurs. The reality ambiguifies as we feel as if we are thrown into a jungle without a compass. We feel as if we are elevated from the ground and granted supernatural abilities. Brimming with hope and perhaps overconfidence, thoughts of the most unlikely circumstances are generated incessantly. We become inspired, or possibly deceived.

As the music comes to a halt, we land back into our chairs and open our eyes, disappointed to see our feet on earth, yet our minds full of inspirations generated by an unknown source. Perhaps we had just been trapped in the vibrations of air particles, or perhaps we had just listened to music.