Autumn- The season of coloured leaves, not just.

In Japan, there is an assortment of ways to describe autumn- Autumn of music, Autumn of art, Autumn of appetite, Autumn of sports. Autumn acts as a sanctuary as we finally escape from the enduring, weary heat of summer. Autumn is like a Sunday afternoon where we sink deep into our armchairs listening to classical music while gazing at the greenery outside the window; where we find ourselves in a chic cafe sipping coffee and slurping strands of pasta; where we forget about time standing in front of a masterpiece by Van Gogh in an art museum; where we change into our sports attire as we perspire it out at a football game with friends.

Autumn is like a long Sunday afternoon.

As I stroll through the park on my way to school everyday, I leave my eyes to wander to the trees, the people and the surroundings, to whatever attracts my eyes most. In autumn, the trees seem to all vie for my attention, as each tree presents its leaves in an unique colour of its own, extending out its branches as if to grasp my attention. As the trees pit against each other, the onlooker gains the most as he is treated to an art masterpiece of flamboyant and rich colours, signed off by nature.

At the end of the day, there is no winner, as the leaves shuffle in the imminent cold winter winds, and subsequently wilter and flitter onto the ground.

Looking down at the fallen leaves being stepped over a thousand times, feelings of empathy unconsciously well up inside. Towards the end of autumn, the grounds are more decorated with colours than what is above and around us, as I start to take note of the variety of leaves splattered all over.

Long last, the long Sunday afternoon is coming to an end, as we prepare to face the start of a new work week. At the same time, the red leaves, once so high up and unreachable, are now made into red carpets, as if welcoming us into the next season.