I went for this cultural event about Argentina held in my school today. Well, I went not because I was especially interested in Argentina, but I am taking a class about latin america, and I thought it would be a good chance for me to practise my spanish. The first part of the event was a talk by this personnel from the Argentina Embassy about the politics, economy, foreign affairs, energy development of Argentina, in spanish, with a japanese translator. To be honest, it was terribly boring. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t so much interested into the politics and stuff about Argentina, but I thought they could have talked about something more interesting, and made everything more interactive and engaging, rather than a one-way lecture-styled talk. I could have found all the information he talked about on wikipedia!


前半は大使館の人がスペイン語で(日本語の翻訳つき)アルゼンチンの政治、経済、外交、エネルギー開発について話してて、正直めっちゃつまんな かった!!話し方もかたすぎてもう学校のレクチャーみたいだったし、何人かがうとうとしてるのも見た。そして、せっかくアルゼンチン大使館の方に来ても らったから、もうちょっと面白い内容を話してほしかったな。政治とか、経済とか、こういう情報は普通にインターネットで調べられるし!!

The second half was more interesting… 後半は面白かった・・・

The second half of the event was about Tango. Two professional argentinian teachers of Tango came up to the front and immediately woke everyone from their sleep and gathered all their attention. The man was this tall, buffy guy, with his long hair tied to the back; the woman was this sexy and busty lady. They had this strong aura emanating from them as they walked to the front in their elegant steps. They first taught us some simple steps of Tango and then, we had to find a partner and dance together. I knew a few faces among the girls but I did not dare approach and invite them for a dance. Before I could take the initiative, one of the “girls” i know called out my name.

後半は2人のタンゴダンスのアルゼンチン人先生が登場した。 お二人が入った瞬間に、みんなの目がお二人から離せなかったでしょう。(笑) お二人ともタンゴのプロみたいな雰囲気とオーラを出してた。 男の人は背が高くてイケメンな紳士で、女のほうはセクシーなラテン美人だった。 最初は簡単なタンゴのステップを教えてもらって、それからペアーを組んで踊るのだったけど、会場には知り合いの女の子は何人かいたけど、自分からダンスに誘うには恥ずかしいし、ちょっと戸惑ったところ、その一人の知り合いに誘われた。

Well, it wasn’t exactly a “girl”, because it was my professor from the class taught entirely in spanish about Latin America. lol. She said to me in spanish, “Hey Dennis, come over here. You are the victim!” The professor normally only speaks spanish in the class, and so when she started talking to me in Japanese, I felt so weird, as if I was talking to a different person. And perhaps she was shy too, she told me “Okay, let’s dance without touching each other. Well, we are a teacher-student relationship anyway, right?” Haha, it felt as if she was trying to put a reason to convince me.

After some time, or rather after a few minutes, she gave up dancing, and we stood by the side and started chatting. For some reason I don’t quite understand, she started talking to me in Japanese, Spanish and English. I was really in a dilemma how to reply her but I just replied her in whatever language her question was in.


授業では普段スペイン語しか喋らない先生なのに、なぜか急に日本語で話しかけられた。先生も恥ずかしがり屋みたいで、「ペアーで踊るけど体を触らずに踊ろうね」って言った。「あくまでもうちら先生と生徒の関係だもんね」って言い訳までつけた。 (笑)


After that, the two Tango teachers showed us two dances and it was fantastic!! Every single move and facial expression were oozing with confidence and professionalism. Well, it was indeed an interesting evening for me, getting to know more about Argentina, Tango, and also a new side of my spanish professor.

さすがプロだけあって、ダンスが本当に素晴らしかった! アルゼンチンの文化を学んだり、先生の普段見られない面白い一面が見れたりして、とても面白い夕方を過ごしてきました。